What Makes it Great

Welcome to Mercator! Mercator is a geopolitical Minecraft Earth server where you can create your own nation block-by-block, trade your items with allies, wage war against your enemies, and create a functioning economy, only now, the server allows both Bedrock and Java crossplay, allowing you to play with anyone who has Minecraft, regardless of their platform.

Play with Anyone

The server is powered by the Geyser plugin, which allows for Bedrock-Java cross-play. This means that anyone with an up-to-date version of Minecraft can play the server, allowing for the most accessibility of any geopolitical server.

Build Your Nation

This server features the Towny plugin, which allows you to claim plots using gold as a currency to build your town. You can also band together individual towns into one unified empire or nation, on which you have sovereign control. Visit the Towny Wiki

One Huge Map

We use Dynmap, a real-time, Google Maps style map that can be used to view the entire world, including the players, and the nations inside.

Trade with Allies

Quickshop allows you to easily sell your items for gold, allowing you to set up businesses to sell your surplus items, such as unused crops or excess material.